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Adjusts the brightness and warmth of your screen and reminds you to take breaks
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Though we all know how harmful it can be to our eyes, it is not always easy to avoid spending long hours sitting in front of our computer. CareUEyes has been designed to help you fighting this habit in two ways – by dimming your screen so that it adjusts better to the light conditions you’re working in, and by reminding you to take breaks at fixed intervals so that you can give your eyes a rest.

The first thing CareUEyes does when launching is filtering the blue light coming from your screen or monitor, giving it a warmer and smoother look that will help your eyes to focus in a more comfortable way. By combining different values for both the brightness and the warmth of your screen, this program offers you specifically presets for the most common activities and situations, such as Office, Night, Game, Movie, Editing, and Reading, which are pretty self-explanatory. Each of these presets have been carefully devised to reduce the strain that your eyes go through when performing these activities for a long period of time when exposing them to some specific light conditions, or a combination of both. A Normal and a Smart preset complete the list.

All of these presets are easily customizable by using the two sliders provided, one for the brightness of your screen and another one of its level of warmth. Regrettably, the program doesn’t allow you to create your own presets, so any new settings that you add to the existing ones will be lost as soon as you exit the program.

The second great tool that CareUEyes offers is a Rest Timer. Here you can set an interval in minutes for the next reminder to go off, and a second interval, also in minutes, that will measure the duration of the rest itself and will remind you to go back to work (or to whatever else you were doing) once the time’s up.

There is not much more to CareUEyes than this, and still, this free and simple tool can do a lot for your eyesight’s health just by following its simple rest instructions and by dimming your screen to a more comfortable warmth/brightness ratio. Being a completely free tool that takes less than 2 MB of your overall memory, it is hard to find an excuse not to have it working silently in the background while it takes care of your wellbeing.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Presets for the most common requirements
  • Customizable warmth and brightness levels
  • Reminds you to take breaks
  • Suitable for LCD, TFT, and LED monitors and screens


  • Custom settings cannot be saved
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